One of the most epic games of hide and seek in a store EVER!

The Ireland Boys played HIDE AND SEEK IN IKEA!
Ricky Ireland, Nick Ireland, OmatGoshTV, TheFAM and ItsMaximo...
WE MADE IT TO THE END OF THE HAUNTED FAZE RUG TUNNEL!! The Ireland Boys went to San Diego to explore the Haunted Faze Rug Tunnel at 3 AM! The Ireland Boys traveled further than anyone else ever has in the FAZE RUG TUNNEL and they did it with OmarGoshTV! This was a crazy, insane, epic, and scary experience! We found and heard haunted tunnels and noises within the Faze Rug tunnel and even found 2 TUNNELS AT THE END! SMASH the LIKE BUTTON if you want US and OmarGoshTV to go back and try to make it to the end with FAZE RUG!
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  1. I am Ethan Reaves and I really think you should consider exploring the Halifax tunnel. It is where I live in Halifax Virginia. I couldn't find anything online about it, but I found it. I am one of the only people who know how to get there, though it is easy to get to. I can tell you how to get there or I could personaly show you guys. It is similar in size to the faze rug tunnel, but I don't know how far it goes exactly. Contact me at 434-572-7274 for more details. YE YE!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. man Ire land boys YE YE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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